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Early Morning Walk

Today’s morning walk… The kadydid was probably 3″ long. Just sitting there posing — as was the lizard. No one likes daylight savings time.

Kady did the river walk.
Torpor lizard. (Large-headed anole)

Zoo Day

We went to the zoo this a.m. and spent a couple of hours. After I took the photo of the paper wasp I figured that was the best shot I’d get and I should just go home. It’s definitely my favorite. Continue Reading

Walk on the Beach

This morning we decided to drive to the beach for breakfast and then take a walk on the beach. At breakfast, I discovered this spicy ketchup. Man, it would be so good with fries. I cannot be trusted with it. I will never ever buy this stuff. The beach weather was great and had to… Continue Reading

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Saw a bunch of these on our early morning walk. It’s an Eastern Lubber Grasshopper (pre-molt). After molting they look very different (often yellow). They are called “Lubbers” because they are kinda clumsy and can’t fly – good climbers though. They love citrus. They also hiss and spray a nasty smelling foamy substance when upset.… Continue Reading

Yard Mushroom

This morning in our yard I spied a neat little mushroom about the size of a nickel and took a photo. I looked it up to find it is a small Lycoperdon perlatum (lye-ko-PAIR-don  per-LAY-tum) also called the Common Puffball, the Gem-studded Puffball and the Devil’s Snuff Box. These are the ones we used to stomp flat… Continue Reading