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Water Lily Necklace

Materials: Polymer clay Mica powders Glass beads Metal beads I’m somewhat disappointed in the finished piece. But, they say you aren’t growing unless you are uncomfortable, so I must have grown quite a bit. I have been learning from other artists and made this necklace inspired by Christie Friesen. Christi is many things I am… Continue Reading

Pendant: Green, Gold, and Teal

This was a pendant I created using some new techniques taught by¬†Elena Marunich at an online polymer clay retreat I’m participating in. It’s 3 3/8″ tall by approximately 1.5″ wide. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, although, it is far from something I would normally make.I think next time I’ll try not… Continue Reading

Tiled In-Box

I wanted an inbox for my desk, but couldn’t find anything that inspired me. A few months ago I started making unique clay tiles. All the base colors are the clay, but I did a lot of shading with translucent mica powders. Some tiles have inclusions of glass and swarovski crystals. I created a few… Continue Reading

Clay on Rocks

These were my first rocks. I didn’t know about the kindness movement of painting rocks back then. These sat around for a long time gathering dust. As soon as I realized there was a “rock movement”, I hid these. Hope they made someone happy. Continue Reading