Water Lily Necklace

Materials: Polymer clay Mica powders Glass beads Metal beads I’m somewhat disappointed in the finished piece. But, they say you aren’t growing unless you are uncomfortable, so I must have grown quite a bit. I have been learning from other artists and made this necklace inspired by Christie Friesen. Christi is many things I am…

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Bugs of…. Atlantis?

This is another polymer clay piece on wood. It’s about 7.5″ wide by 6″ tall. It photographs¬†terribly. I wanted to do another piece with some of my favorite subjects (beetles and flowers). But, I wanted to try something different. I love the idea of finding things in deep sea wrecks. I love how crusty they…

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Spring Bee

This is another wall hanging made with polymer clay on Masonite. It’s 12″ x 4″. I wanted to play with metal finishes and patina. I liked idea of the bee done with bronze and copper without any patina and the background heavily patina’s and the surrounding areas somewhere in between. The bees wings are translucent…

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