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Daily Sketch – Llama

Llama’s don’t like me. If I get within spitting range, they spit on me. I think they are really cute but the feeling isn’t mutual. Maybe I’d have better luck with alpacas. Thanks @paul_wolff_art for the inspiration. What should I sketch tomorrow? Continue Reading

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Saw a bunch of these on our early morning walk. It’s an Eastern Lubber Grasshopper (pre-molt). After molting they look very different (often yellow). They are called “Lubbers” because they are kinda clumsy and can’t fly – good climbers though. They love citrus. They also hiss and spray a nasty smelling foamy substance when upset.… Continue Reading

Pendant: Green, Gold, and Teal

This was a pendant I created using some new techniques taught by Elena Marunich at an online polymer clay retreat I’m participating in. It’s 3 3/8″ tall by approximately 1.5″ wide. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, although, it is far from something I would normally make.I think next time I’ll try not… Continue Reading

Tiled In-Box

I wanted an inbox for my desk, but couldn’t find anything that inspired me. A few months ago I started making unique clay tiles. All the base colors are the clay, but I did a lot of shading with translucent mica powders. Some tiles have inclusions of glass and swarovski crystals. I created a few… Continue Reading

What’s Opera Doc?

I loved Bugs Bunny as a kid and still do today. One of my favorite episodes is “What’s Opera Doc?” It features Bug’s Bunny being chased by Elmer Fudd through a parody of Richard Wagner’s 19th century operas.  It’s listed as one of the 50 greatest cartoons of all time. My absolute favorite part is… Continue Reading